The Chair Lift

Day 2 The Chair-Lift: It is so cool and I got to go by myself. Today was fun, adventurous and exciting. First we left at 9:30 AM to go to the gondola. It was so fun and high. Then we took the chair lift up to the Luge.It was so fun too! I had a ball. We had to give our tickets to the man or lady to get on the Luge. Last we went on a zip-trek. I was so scared at the start that I offered people to go before me. When I had my first go it was fun but I was still scared. The last one was shocking! It was 30 stories high off the ground. For the kids it went around 40 to 50 KM per hour and for the adults around 70 to 75KM per hour depending on your weight. Today was an epic day and I will never forget it. The Zip-Trek: So cool. I want to go on it again. The Luge: Epic fun. I so wanted another go!

The Chair LiftBy Hannah M